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Mindfulness & Well-Being at Work: Achieving a Life in Balance

In today’s busy world, businesses are more and more recognising the need to support their staff in a variety of ways that provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development, and to help them deal with an ever-increasingly busy work environment.

When many of my personal clients come to me, they often refer to problems from their work environments as key indicators of stress and anxiety. Only recently has this been recognised by the business community as a limiting factor to personal growth and performance of their staff.

In simple terms, taking care of self isn’t just the domain of what happens in personal time, it’s about balancing a busy life, including managing the pressures of work.

Science is also now acknowledging that there are real and tangible benefits to building mindful practices at work and home, with more studies demonstrating the value and benefits of this in the workplace, businesses too, are starting to see the benefits of a focus in the area of mind care for their staff.  

I’ve spent more than 20 years working with individuals, but after seeing and helping so many clients with work-related stresses, I developed a simple set of programmes tailored for groups in the work environment.  

These programmes reflect what I see every day in the challenges my clients come to me with and are anchored around the core areas of mindfulness, managing work stress and “busy-ness”, and goal setting and focus.

I work directly with businesses to develop an offering to meet the needs of their staff and the business goals, using these programmes directly or building off these in an offer targeted to a specific business or environment.

Staff development is an important investment for businesses, and these courses, often applied in small groups make the investment per staff member very cost efficient, especially when measured against tangible benefits or the high cost of investing in professional development at an individual level.

I work with both small and large businesses, and with my partnered network of Mindfulness practitioners we can tailor sessions for businesses of any size.

I run three short courses, “Mindfulness and Well-being at Work”, designed to take in group sessions of 30 mins per week, are a good anchor to start building a mind-care practice at work and home, letting go of stress and gaining focus. The courses are completely customisable and comprise;


Mindfulness at Work

Typically taken over 4 weeks in a 4 x 30 minute sessions, this is a simple and easy introduction to Mindfulness, settling the mind, and introducing simple meditative techniques to help focus and reduce stress.


Goal Setting

As simple as it sounds, we often find it hard to set goals, focus on critical goals and following through. Inertia is a big factor, with people finding it difficult to know where to start, and this translates to feelings of helplessness, directionless and depression or stress.  In the work context this can lead to lost productivity and opportunities.

The act of just making a start is a ritual in itself, so I focus on simple and easy mechanisms to stimulate Goal Setting, and building repeatable behaviours to follow through on goal actions. I usually run 2 x 30 minute sessions that build the skills to focus on the right goals. 


Overcoming Hurry Sickness

This phrase is only just entering our consciousness but is already recognised at an identifiable condition where people struggle to let go of technology, schedules, emails and general work “busy-ness”, leading to the known condition of always being “on”, affecting professional and personal relationships and leading to increased anxiety, stress and burn-out.

I’ve had success working with small groups to overcome “Hurry Sickness” and balance pressures of life and work. Bringing together mindfulness techniques and goal setting skills allows individuals to let go of unnecessary, reset the actions and intent in their lives and focus on the important things. 


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