Personal Development

Life Coaching

The goal of Life Coaching is to help create a path through difficulties, to achieve happiness for yourself and involves gaining control of your emotions and feelings, addressing behaviours and developing a clear plan to achieve a positive outcome.

By creating a plan and focusing on target areas, coaching can help deal with a difficult relationship, build self-esteem and confidence, a health problem such as weight or addiction.

It is also a valuable tool to help planning next steps in life; be it a career move, developing a relationship or simply create space in your life to gain clarity and contentment.

Emotions are the motivating force behind everything that we do. They are affected by what you eat, what you do with your body, your thoughts and your beliefs; about yourself, others and the world you live in.

As your Coach, I will guide and support you through the creation of a goal; the development of your plan to realise that goal; and the action steps needed to make it reality.

As you take steps on your plan, I can provide a range of support, stepping you through the plan, acting as a sounding board, challenger and confidante.

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7 Living Essentials 

The 7 Living Essentials is a uniquely personalised, guided self-development programme of six 2-hour workshops that focuses on understanding and building Emotional Intelligence, to enable you to grow the confidence to make decisions to create and realise your dreams and live a rich and full life.

Each week I’ll guide you through a new topic that will challenge you and build strong emotional muscles, covering – understanding self; internal belief systems; emotional intelligence with compassion, feeding the intellect and body; your purpose; and creating sustainable routines.

The 7 Living Essentials Programme is a collection of strategies designed help you solve today’s problems and take a holistic and planned approach to managing every aspect of your life over the longer term.

Knowing that your thoughts create your future is the first step on the path to leading a fulfilling life. So the 7 Living Essential’s focuses on bringing the power back to you, to harness your inner strengths or develop talents to realise your dreams and potential. It does this by tapping into your thoughts, feelings and actions and guides you step-by-step through a process of owning feelings and creating awareness and behaviours so you understand your actions affect every aspect of your life and the outcome of your day.

You’ll be fully supported by a Life Coach throughout the programme with full access to tools and information. The Programme can be taken online remotely or in person & group sessions.

This programme is ideally suited to those wanting to make real and long lasting change in their lives but are unsure where or how to start.

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Coaching for Performance and Well-Being at Work

Also known as Best Methods at Work (BMW) practice, this is a programme that provides an opportunity to benefit you in your workplace by encouraging ‘high’ level thinking and the right conversations within the workplace environment. It allows participants to gain personal insights and establish habits that bring increased wellbeing and confidence to enhance performance at work.

It is ideal for dealing with work place anxiety stress, developing workplace relationships, or building high performing teams.

Best Methods at Work is a 2-hour program delivered to individuals or groups in private or your workplace. It can be applied in any workplace environment and has been used successfully by both individuals and businesses or teams within a business.

Businesses have used Well Being at Work to improve Workplace Relations; Customer Service performance; Team management and Leadership. Those in leadership roles, coaching or teaching positions, or roles that influence others have successfully used the programme to improve techniques for building teams and better delivery of support and guidance.

Price is dependent on individual needs or number of participants.

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