Holisitic Living Counselling

Holistic Living Counselling

Life can throw up a whole range of challenges – Relationship breakdown or separation; Family conflicts; Workplace stress; Weight gain/loss; Addiction; Emotional upsets such as anxiety, grief or loss.

It can be equally difficult to start a new journey, plan for the future or take a step into the unknown with a new career or relationship.

Sometimes there just doesn’t seem a way though problems or recognise you need help.

Holistic Living Counselling is a process of ‘Circulating Energy’ from the mirrors of self, that the world presents to us. It enables us to stay in our personal power rather than being victims to life’s experiences, and focusses expressly on a positive and “all of life” approach to solving problems.

It often first means a healing or building a base of personal power first. Then follows an exciting journey of realisation of what our true potential is in our lives and the world in which we live in.

Applied to the likes of dealing with grief or loss, managing today’s busy lifestyles and career planning, Holistic Living Counselling involves a component of counselling in unison with support through specific processes and activities. It teaches strategies to enable personal success.

Holistic Living Counselling embraces mind, body, heart, spirit & emotions, and differs from other counselling techniques in several important ways, because it:

– relies on action, not words

– empowers and educates

– is based on compassion, care and connection

– incorporates intuition and attunement

– can provide rapid results

– is 100% NATURAL

I have a Diploma in Holistic Living Counselling and Holistic Communications and I have been helping people navigate life’s challenges since 2001.

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Holistic Living Counselling explained

Most counselling is 100% talking. Holistic Living Counselling is different!

It involves about 30% talking, which allows 70% of the session time to focus on proven process work such as experiential healing activities. These might include guided visualisations, art therapy, inner child work, or many other varied and unique experiences.

Clients get a real taste of working holistically – on a whole lot of levels and in a way that suits them to pursue their goals.  As an active participant in their treatment and development, it also gives them the tools of self-empowerment and reduces the potential for co-dependence on the Counsellor.

Holistic Living Counsellors create an open-heart connection with their clients.  This is possible because of the large personal development component in their studies enabling Holistic Living Counsellors to be comfortable with all of their feelings.  This is so healing for clients.  It creates much more trust and rapport, which helps the healing to take place much faster.

Because of this heart connection, counsellors need to be very aware of their own projections, so counsellors are regularly working on their own personal development as an ongoing practice.  This allow them to be really present to their clients in a way that is not defensive or guarded.

Holistic Living Counsellors teach their clients strategies, processes and lifestyle skills that enhance their WHOLE life, beyond just the presenting problem, this means benefits flow years after the sessions are complete.

The level of care provided by Holistic Living Counsellors is unparalleled. We provide a very nurturing and safe environment for clients. This is a big part of their healing. It means seeing the person behind the problem and addressing their needs of care on a deeper level.  It may also include bringing other modalities into the counselling process such as Massage, Reiki, Music, Nature etc.  Whatever resonates with that person as a supportive, healing addition to the session. In this way, it is a uniquely individualised experience.

In this way, Holistic Living Counselling treats the whole person – mind, body, spirit and emotions.

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